Sunday, June 17, 2007

Primer on the Arab/Israeli Conflict- Timeline

-1915-16- Sykes Picot Agreement
-1917- Balfour Declaration
-1921- Arab riots
-1929- Arab riots
-1936-1939- Arab Revolt
-1947- Arab riots
-1948- Israel's War of Independence (Israel vs Palestinians militias and armies from modern day Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebenon, Saudi Arabia, & Yemen).
-1956- Suez Campaign
-1964- Palestinian Liberation Organization ("PLO") formed
-1967- Six Day War (Israel defeats Egypt, Jordan, & Syria, conquering territory from each of the Arab states and reclaiming East Jerusalem and the Western Wall).

-1973- Yom Kippur War (Egypt & Syria along with allies launch surprise attack on Jewish Day of Atonement. Israel eventually fended back the attack and a ceasefire was negotiated when the Israelis had pushed their army close to the capitals of the Arab states.)
-1979- Peace signed between Israel & Egypt.
-1981- Israel destroys Iraqi nuclear reactor.
-1982- Lebanon War (Israel attacks southern Lebanon in response to PLO cross-border raids from the area. Israel eventually occupies the area as a security buffer.).
-1987-90- First Palestinian Intifada (uprising).
-1991- Persian Gulf War (Palestinians support Saddam Hussein, lose support from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and other Arab players).
-1993- Oslo Accords signed between Israel & Palestinians.
-1995- Yitzhak Rabin assassinated by Jewish extremist (Shimon Peres takes his place).
-1996- Benyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu from center-right Likud elected P.M. of Israel.
-1999- Ehud Barak from center-left Labor elected P.M. of Israel.
-2000- Camp David Summit (Yasser Arafat rejects Clinton final status proposals).
-2000- Beginning of Second Palestinian Intifada (starts wide-spread use of suicide bombs).
-2001- Ariel Sharon of Likud elected P.M. of Israel.
-2004- Arafat dies (replaced by Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, as Chairman of the Palestinian Authority).
-2005- Disengagement (Israel pulls settlers and its military out of the Gaza strip).
-2005- Ariel Sharon forms centrist Kadima party.
-2005- Ariel Sharon becomes incapacitated due to a stroke (replaced by Ehud Olmert).
-2006- Ismail Haniyah of Islamist terrorist group Hamas elected Prime Minister of Palestinian Authority.
-2006- Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit kidnapped by Hamas, Israeli soldiers Ehud Goldwasser & Eldad Regev kidnapped by Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah.
-2006- Second Lebanon War (Israel fights Hezbollah. Hezbollah wins media war, actual fighting comes to a draw when U.N. called a ceasefire.).
-2007- Hamas & secular Fatah (Abu Mazen's party) form unity government after factional fighting.
-2007- Hamas conquers Gaza, humiliating Fatah. Abu Mazen fires Ismail Haniyah and appoints independent Salam Fayad (an internationally respected technocrat, former World Bank official) as P.M. of the Palestinian Authority.


Anonymous said...

Great comments, enjoyed reading.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I did not know that this was a very old unrest.

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