Monday, June 18, 2007

Mickey Mouse, This Is Not

I'm currently working on a project to survey my classmates' views on the Arab-Israeli conflict. As it turns out (and not unexpectedly at my school), the majority of my class sympathizes with the Palestinians (more on this in a future posting). As part of the project, my partner and I have to submit a Power Point presentation to the professor. One student suggested that I use the following cartoon to represent my classmates' views on Israel:Upon seeing this I had a visceral, nauseous reaction. Though it may very well represent how students in my international affairs program view Israel and its relationship with the United States, I couldn't in good faith publish it without noting both my disgust at the picture and the mental & historical images it represents. I understand (though don't condone) that many people view Israel only as oppressors of Palestinians, but this cartoon is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. Especially to Jews, it strikes at the center of the soul, portraying Israelis as vicious killers darkly lurking to attack its next victim. The U.S. is seemingly on top of the weapon yet unable to stop its crushing effects due to Jewish control of the vehicle.

What do you think?