Saturday, March 1, 2008

Vlog: Is There A Clash Or Dialogue Of Civilizations?

Last semester, I was in a class that was broken into groups, and the groups were assigned scholars of dialogue or clash of civilization. Each member of the group was to pick one of the scholars, and argue his or her case on a panel in front of the whole class. The scholars in my group included:

Mahatma Gandhi, Leader of the peaceful resistance that brought the founding of India
Dr. Ahmed Akbar, Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to Great Britain (and professor of the class)
President Seyed Mohammed Khatami, Former president of Iran
Dr. Samuel Huntington, Author of "The Clash of Civilizations"

As a natural contrarian, I chose Huntington. To view the video, click "Read more..." below.

(Please note, the opinions expressed did not necessarily represent the views of the speakers, but rather were meant to be a characterization of the scholars portrayed)

Thank you to Lori Mosher, Kaitlan Peterson, Erin Louise Palmer, Sarah Caudill, and Professor Akbar Ahmed for allowing me to film the panel (and for being good sports).

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